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Urban Renewal Opens up Happy Life for Junfa Property Owners

  On April 2, themed on “Discovering the Power of the New Era”, the plate conferring ceremony for the first batch of companies under China “Beautiful Life” Branding Plan was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Junfa Group was among the first batch of member companies.



  China “Beautiful Life” Branding Plan, after the launching of the CCTV “National Branding Plan” and the Xinhua News Agency “National Branding Project”, is the first leading branding plan for real estate, home and property service industries.
  Junfa Group, engaged in urban renewal for many years, has been committed to providing quality products and good services for property owners and seeking innovations in multiple areas. After rigorous deliberation by the organizing committee, Junfa Group stood out from a large number of applying companies and became one of the first 15 famous housing companies to be included in the 2018 China “Beautiful Life” Branding Plan.


Junfa Haidong Wetland Park

A pennant from Junfa Yitianfeng property owners

Kunfang resettlement housing

Villagers moving into new houses

Migrant workers receiving payments

Dali Lakeside Jun Garden

Banna Riverside Jun Garden

Junfa • Dianchi ONE

“One-on-One” poverty relief activities for 11 years in a row

Junfa helps transform dilapidated housing in Banna

Junfa Group’s Three Projects Win 2018 Happy Housing Public Welfare Evaluation Awards

  “2018 Kunming Happy Housing Public Welfare Evaluation Awards” was held March 28 in No.1 studio of Kunming Radio and Television Station, releasing the most influential and credible happy housing list in Kunming.


At the scene of “2018 Kunming Happy Housing Public Welfare Evaluation Awards”


  Junfa Group’s Cultural City, Yulong Bay and Guanyunhai residential quarters were recognized as “Happy Kunming Educational Housing Project”, “Happy Kunming Healthy Housing Project” and “Happy Kunming Livable Housing Project”, respectively.


Junfa Cultural City recognized as “Happy Kunming Educational Housing Project”

Junfa • Yulong Bay recognized as “Happy Kunming Healthy Housing Project”

Junfa • Guanyunhai recognized as “Happy Kunming Livable Housing Project”

Growth and Contributions: Ambition of Junfa Group, a China Real Estate Top 50 Company

  On March 22, jointly sponsored by the Enterprise Institute of State Council Development Research Centre, the Institute of Real Estate Studies of Tsinghua University and the China Index Research Institute, the 2018 Research Results Release Conference of China Real Estate Top 100 Companies cum the Fifteenth Summit of China Real Estate Top 100 Entrepreneurs was held in Beijing.



  Junfa Group, with its great strength in the Yunnan market and its outstanding performance in the national market, found its way onto the list of China Real Estate Top 50 Companies.



Junfa Group has led innovation for 20 years, striking a balance between growth and contributions
  Continuous innovation and leading the trend are the inherent strength of Junfa Group in maintaining its competitiveness and high growth over the years. From its first housing project – the award winning Green Lake Jun Garden, to its Intensively Decorated Apartments 2.0 and Ihome 3.0 and its introduction of the new service models such as shared vehicles, shared bicycles and ecological vegetable bases, Junfa Group has demonstrated its genes of being bold to try new things, being ready to embrace innovation and leading the development of the industry.



  Living up to its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen and being committed to contributing to the society are another driving force of Junfa Group’s high growth. Over the 20 years since its founding, Junfa Group has been playing an active part in poverty alleviation. By establishing the Education Foundation, building Hope Primary Schools and helping poor households to sell agricultural products, Junfa Group has blazed a trail of “hematopoietic” poverty alleviation.


Junfa Group on the List of China Real Estate Top 50 Companies with Growing Overall Strength

  On March 21, the 2018 Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises Study Results Release Conference jointly sponsored by the China Real Estate Association and the China Real Estate Assessment Center was held in Beijing. Junfa Group, with its overall strength, won the 49th place on the list of “China Real Estate Top 50 Companies”.


At the venue of the 2018 Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises Study Results Release Conference

Junfa • Yulong Bay Project

Junfa • Xishuangbanna Project

Junfa • Guanyunhai Project

Junfa Group has taken the lead to use aluminum film technology in the projects

Junfa Group launches six home building plans to improve housing quality for the people

On the site of “Junfa • Ihome Brand Presentation”

Junfa Group “New Power” induction training

Junfa Property Service: Green Vegetables at Doorstep

  On March 19, 2018, Junfa Property Service Company Limited launched the Green Vegetables at Doorstep program. The green organic vegetables were provided by Yiliang Fuyi Tianshui Vegetable Base. Starting from 9:30 a.m., the green vegetables offered in Colorful Jun Garden, Xingya Jun Garden, Jinshang Jun Garden, Riverside Jun Garden and Camphor Jun Garden began to attract a constant flow of property owners.



  The vegetables, all in season, included white cabbage, green cabbage, green onions, peas, broad beans, lettuce and purple lettuce. All vegetables are grown by the professional cultivation team at Yiliang Fuyi Tianshui Vegetable Base. In the future, Junfa Property Service Company Limited will provide a larger variety of green vegetables for the owners to choose from, thus protecting their food safety.


So fresh! So green!

What a lively sight!

Green vegetables attracting a constant flow of property owners

Staff members enjoying green vegetables


  In 2018, Junfa Property Company Limited will provide better-quality green and organic vegetables for the vast owners and the company’s staff members. Junfa Property Company Limited is always committed to making the owners’ life more beautiful through services!

Junfa Group Works with Ucommune to Build Sharing Office Ecosystem in Yunnan

  At 14:00, March 19, a ceremony themed on “New Era - New Strength” was held in the Golden Hall of Green Lake Hotel to mark the strategic cooperation between Junfa Group and Ucommune and the opening of Linlan International housing project. Mr. Li Jun, chairman of Junfa Group, Dr. Mao Daqing, founder and chairman of Ucommune, and senior executives of both parties attended the event.


Posing for a photo

At the venue of the event

Dr. Mao Daqing giving a speech

On the site of the opening ceremony

The Forum of “Building an ASEAN Innovation Center in the Context of Sharing Economy”

Junfa Donates for Education: Combining Material Support and Spiritual Encouragement

  On March 13, Junfa Group and Junfa Cultural City High School Affiliated to Yunnan Normal University jointly held the “2018 Junfa Cultural City High School Donation Ceremony for Outstanding Students From Poverty-Stricken Families”. The ceremony was chaired by Xu Suolian, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Office, Junfa Cultural City High School. Yang Shimin, Party Secretary and Vice Principal of Junfa Cultural City High School, Yang Yigang, Principal of the Junfa Cultural City Primary School, Zou Xuxin, Deputy General Manager of Junfa Cultural City Project, Wang Xia, Deputy General Manager of Junfa Group Panlong Marketing Department and other guests attended the ceremony.


At the donation site

Zou Xuxin, Deputy General Manager of Junfa Cultural City Project

Yang Shimin, Party Secretary and Vice Principal of Junfa Cultural City High School

At the donation site

All the money was voluntarily donated by all employees of Junfa Group’s Kunming Company.

Part of the donation registration list

Encouraging messages

Junfa Commended for Helping Jinghong with Targeted Poverty Alleviation

  On March 6, the Jinghong Municipal Government of Xishuangbanna Prefecture held a meeting on poverty alleviation work in 2018. A number of advanced collectives and individuals that have contributed to the city’s poverty alleviation work in 2017 were commended. Junfa Group was recognized as an “Advanced Enterprise of Poverty Alleviation”.


Presentation of awards

Liu Jiangang, deputy general manager of Junfa Group Banna Company, was invited to attend the meeting

Before transformation

Steel bars are added in the reconstruction to make the houses more quake-proof

After transformation

100,000 People Embrace a New Era with

  On March 3, “Pioneers in a New Era • Junfa Group Drawing the Bow Marathon 2018” Kunming leg was held in the Junfa Lake-Rim Haidongwan Wetland Park. Li Jun, chairman of Junfa Group, Zhang Haimin, president of Junfa Group, about 300 Junfa employees and partners participated in the speed marathon (11 km) and happy marathon (5.6 km). The living scene showed Junfa’s determination to forge ahead with high spirit in the context of a new era.


The opening ceremony

Chairman Li Jun and President Zhang Haimin leading the marathon

Come on! Buddies

Smiling, relaxed and happy

Forging ahead in a new era

Running freely in a beautiful spring

A little “Junfa owner” finishes the happy marathon (5.6 km) and becomes the brightest star


  On the same day, Junfa’s off-site companies in Chengdu, Guiyang, Hainan, Shanghai, Dali, Lijiang and Banna also held Drawing the Bow Marathons. In addition, this year’s Drawing the Bow Marathon also included an online marathon. More than 100,000 people signed up for the online marathon and joined Junfa Group in embracing the challenges and opportunities of a new era.


More than 100,000 people signed up for the online marathon

Participants of Banna leg running in the breeze by the beautiful Lancang River

A grand opening ceremony of Guiyang leg

Participants of Chengdu leg clenching fists to show confidence for the future

Participants of Shanghai leg shouting passionately while waving the flag

Participants of Hainan leg going all out

Participants of Dali and Lijiang leg full of vitality

The prize presentation

Posing for a photo

Junfa Completes Planned Community Upgrading, Will Continue after Spring Festival

  Junfa launched “Heart Action 2017” on January 12, 2018. Now Junfa has completed the planned upgrading of community facilities before the Spring Festival.
  “Heart Action 2018” covered Junfa Group’s 20 residential quarters, including Century Jun Garden, Riverside Jun Garden, Riverside Manor and Dianchi One. The community upgrading focused on the ten systems of “Heart Action”, bringing changes to the communities and good surprises to property owners every day.


Upgrading community roads

Increasing fitness equipment


  After the Spring Festival, other communities covered by “Heart Action” will also be upgraded. In the future, Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd will continuously upgrade facilities and improve services. It will do its utmost to care for every owner and constantly meet the diversified needs of every customer. It is committed to bringing more professional services and a better life to the owners. Let’s expect for better facilities and a more beautiful life!

Junfa Pays Migrant Workers 1.7 Billion Yuan before Chinese New Year

  As the Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, approached, migrant workers who made great contributions to urban construction were embarking on their homeward journey. In order to ensure migrant workers could receive their salaries, Junfa Group set up a special group to carry out the auditing and settlement work, For 25 projects such as Guanyunhai, Cultural City, Yitianfeng and some projects in Chengdu and Guiyang, Junfa Group paid a total of 1.7 billion yuan so that migrant workers could go home to unite with their families.


Migrant workers putting up lanterns

Young migrant workers Mr. Zuo and Mr. Yuan

Old migrant worker Mr. Liu (left) and his coworkers

Migrant workers receiving their salaries


  Chairman of Junfa Group Li Jun said “A company must stick to its bottom line. It must respect people, observe social norms, be honest and responsible.” Junfa is living up to its duties as a corporate citizen. In its development, Junfa has struck a balance between social benefit, ecological benefit and economic benefit and has achieved a multi-win situation. Based on urban renewal, it is committed to improve the people’s living standard. It is marching towards the vision of becoming “a respected urban service provider”.

Junfa Never Lacks Fighting Spirit

  With the theme of “New Era, New Changes and New Stride”, Junfa Group Summary Meeting 2017 cum Junfa Group 2018 Target Responsibility Agreement Signing Meeting was held in Xishuangbanna on February 5.


Junfa Group wins China Annual Best Employer Award 2017

  In the recent selection of China Annual Best Employers of 2017 by Zhaopin Limited (Zhaopin), Junfa Group stood out from 17,554 enterprises and won the title with the high recognition and praises of industry peers and employers.



  The selection is jointly initiated by Zhaopin and Peking University Social Survey Research Center. It aims to identify and commend benchmarking outstanding employers. Zhaopin’s “2017 Report on China Annual Best Employers in Kunming” shows that the public in Kunming not only pursues high income but also value the business development prospects and soft power of employers.



  Winning the China Annual Best Employer Award again this year indicates the public recognition of Junfa Group’s development prospects and soft power. In 2017, Junfa Group implemented a highly efficient talent introduction mechanism and improved the internal training system. It advocated the “EMU philosophy” and considered young people as the driving force for innovation. Thus, Junfa Group fully motivated and successfully retained talents and achieved “win-win” growth with the employers.

Junfa Helps Residents of Original Kunfang Community Move into Resettlement Housing

  On the morning of January 30, 2018, the residents of the original Kunfang Community sent a letter of appreciation and a pennant to Junfa Center. The words on the pennant expressed the relocatees’ heart-felt thanks to Junfa for helping “the dwellers have their own houses”.


When our company went bankrupt, luckily Junfa came to the community.
With 3,000 apartments built, the dwellers finally have their own houses.
Although there were so many difficulties, Junfa overcame them one by one.
We relocatees will always remember what the country and Junfa have done.

- “Song of Resettlement” by the relocatees of the original Kunfang Community

Junfa Group and China Minsheng Bank sign strategic cooperation agreement

  On January 23, Junfa Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Minsheng Bank. Li Jun, chairman of Junfa Group, Zhang Haimin, president of China Minsheng Bank, and Shi Jie, vice president of Minsheng Bank of China, as well as executives from both sides attended the signing ceremony.



  In the future, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and open a new chapter of a win-win situation.


Happy Parent-Child Time in Junfa Residential Quarters

  From January 13 to 14, 2018, a parent-child drawing program, themed on “Quality Time with Family,” was held in 21 Junfa residential quarters with the organization of Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd.



  At each venue, Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd. decorated the background wall so that the owners could take photos, and upload them to be made into family albums. The owners can also send their season’s greetings to their friends.



  The interesting program provided a happy parent-child time for the owners and their kids to draw pictures on the site, participate in the public welfare art exhibition, and send their best wishes to their families and friends. Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd. also wishes each and every kid living in Junfa residential quarters to enjoy more quality time with their families during the coming Spring Festival holiday.


2018 Junfa Heart Action to Upgrade Supporting Facilities in Residential Quarters

  On January 12, the 2018 Junfa Heart Action Launching Ceremony was held in the lecture hall on the 26th floor of Junfa Center. The executives of Junfa Group, the management of Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd, representatives of property owners, and journalists attended the launching ceremony.
  2018 Junfa Heart Action aims to upgrade the intelligent community system, healthy community system, happy childhood system, garden community system, home security system, parking system, public building system, recreational system, lighting system, and elevator system in 26 residential quarters developed by the group, covering more than 80,000 items.


2018 Junfa Heart Action Launching Ceremony

Gou Wenjin, Vice President of Junfa Group and General Manager of Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd, delivering a speech

The management team of Junfa Group witnessed the launching of 2018 Junfa Heart Action together with the representatives of property owners

The representatives of property owners telling their stories with Junfa Group


  At present, the facades and roads of all Junfa-developed residential quarters are being upgraded. The upgrading and transformation of other facilities is also being planned.
  Junfa Group, as an urban transformation service provider, is ready to join hands with all walks of life in improving people’s living standard. It takes long-term efforts to build an ideal urban living space. As it continues to grow bigger and stronger, Junfa Group will reward the owners with more and better services.

Junfa Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CCB Yunnan Branch, Becomes First Member of “CCB Jianrong Apartment” Leasing Platform

  On January 4, Junfa Group and China Construction Bank Yunnan Branch signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on the 25th floor of Junfa Center. Junfa Group became the first real estate enterprise member of CCB Yunnan Branch’s “CCB Jianrong Apartment” platform. In the future, the two parties will carry out all-round cooperation in such fields as project development loans, personal mortgage loans and personal finance.



  The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Yu Fan, party committee member and deputy president of CCB Yunnan Branch, Li Hongjie, deputy general manager of Housing Finance Business Department, Cui Huachang, deputy general manager of Business Division Housing Finance Department, Zhu Yong, party committee member of Business Division and president of CCB Kunming Chengbei Branch, Su Yuanyuan, president of CCB Kunming Chengbei Branch Business Office, Zhan Min, deputy president of Junfa Group, Xu Pengjuan, general manager of Finance Management Center, Li Xiao, general manager of Finance Management Center, and Yang Yuling, chief financial officer of Junfa Kunming Company.



  In the cooperation, Junfa Group will actively respond to the government’s call and give full play to its products and brand advantages to trial run long-term rental housing. While providing a steady housing supply, Junfa will live up to its corporate social responsibility. Through the “CCB Jianrong Apartment” applet, Junfa will join hands with CCB to develop long-term rental apartments to meet different housing needs. In the future, Junfa will put more high-quality long-term housing online to improve the quality of public housing for the people.


400+ Owners Join Property Service Personnel in Celebrating 18th Birthday of Junfa

  December 23, with Christmas around the corner, marked the 18th birthday of Junfa Group. On this special day, more than 400 owners joined the staff members of Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd. in a wonderful birthday party themed on “Thank You for Building a Happy Home with Us.”

The birthday party venue

Li Wenda, deputy general manager of Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd. giving a speech

The game of “Guess What I Mean” 

The game of “Litotes”

Property owners celebrating the 18th birthday of Junfa Property Service Co., Ltd.

Junfa Donated 20 Million Yuan for Dilapidated House Transformation in Jinghong

  On December 29, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Jinghong, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province and Junfa Group jointly held a precise poverty alleviation donation ceremony in the conference room of Jinghong Municipal People’s Congress. For the dilapidated house transformation in Gasa and Dadugang of Jinghong City, Junfa Group provided technical personnel, materials, and a special precision poverty alleviation fund of 20 million yuan.



  The donation ceremony was presided over by Zhou Liangsheng, deputy secretary of Jinghong Municipal Party Committee. The donation ceremony was also attended by Bai Ling, mayor of Jinghong City, Ren Yanxiang, director of Jinghong Municipal People’s Congress, Duan Chun, chairman of Jinghong Municipal CPPCC, Li Jun, chairman and president of Junfa Group, officials of Jinghong Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Jinghong Municipal Government Office, Jinghong Poverty Alleviation Office, Jinghong Municipal Transportation Bureau, and Jinghong Municipal Finance Bureau, representatives of Junfa Group Banna Company, and representatives of villagers.


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