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Junfa Property Service: Green Vegetables at Doorstep

  On March 19, 2018, Junfa Property Service Company Limited launched the Green Vegetables at Doorstep program. The green organic vegetables were provided by Yiliang Fuyi Tianshui Vegetable Base. Starting from 9:30 a.m., the green vegetables offered in Colorful Jun Garden, Xingya Jun Garden, Jinshang Jun Garden, Riverside Jun Garden and Camphor Jun Garden began to attract a constant flow of property owners.



  The vegetables, all in season, included white cabbage, green cabbage, green onions, peas, broad beans, lettuce and purple lettuce. All vegetables are grown by the professional cultivation team at Yiliang Fuyi Tianshui Vegetable Base. In the future, Junfa Property Service Company Limited will provide a larger variety of green vegetables for the owners to choose from, thus protecting their food safety.


So fresh! So green!

What a lively sight!

Green vegetables attracting a constant flow of property owners

Staff members enjoying green vegetables


  In 2018, Junfa Property Company Limited will provide better-quality green and organic vegetables for the vast owners and the company’s staff members. Junfa Property Company Limited is always committed to making the owners’ life more beautiful through services!

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