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Urban Renewal Opens up Happy Life for Junfa Property Owners

  On April 2, themed on “Discovering the Power of the New Era”, the plate conferring ceremony for the first batch of companies under China “Beautiful Life” Branding Plan was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Junfa Group was among the first batch of member companies.



  China “Beautiful Life” Branding Plan, after the launching of the CCTV “National Branding Plan” and the Xinhua News Agency “National Branding Project”, is the first leading branding plan for real estate, home and property service industries.
  Junfa Group, engaged in urban renewal for many years, has been committed to providing quality products and good services for property owners and seeking innovations in multiple areas. After rigorous deliberation by the organizing committee, Junfa Group stood out from a large number of applying companies and became one of the first 15 famous housing companies to be included in the 2018 China “Beautiful Life” Branding Plan.


Junfa Haidong Wetland Park

A pennant from Junfa Yitianfeng property owners

Kunfang resettlement housing

Villagers moving into new houses

Migrant workers receiving payments

Dali Lakeside Jun Garden

Banna Riverside Jun Garden

Junfa • Dianchi ONE

“One-on-One” poverty relief activities for 11 years in a row

Junfa helps transform dilapidated housing in Banna

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